All preschool classes will have open dress for Christmas Show 2015.  They are allowed to wear any holiday or Christmas inspired attire.  Parents are allowed to purchase or create any holiday outfit they choose.  For those who want to order a costume from one of the studio's vendors, we have created the following photo gallery.  All prices include shipping charges, sales tax extra.

All holiday costume orders are due by October 5th, 2015.  Holiday costume orders must be paid for in full up front.  No refunds are given.  Each dancer will be formally measured for sizing.

***In case we didn't want to match, I have included if a child in a certain class has already ordered one of the costumes.   

Shoes & Tights

Please note that all costumes may not look appropriate with a dancers normal pink tights and slippers.  We may also order white tights and slippers as needed.  Please request these items at time of costume order.  Child footed tights are $8, Bloch Dansoft White Slippers are $20.