Philosophy & Goals

Harbour Dance School believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to dance no matter the age or skill level.  We are a performance based studio that strives for our students to become more confident, healthy, and strong while becoming beautifully graceful dancers.  Our curriculum is heavily influenced on ballet technique and as the dancers grow and mature is merged with modern techniques.  Our main objective is to train the dancers to know how to move their bodies correctly and safely so that they may dance for the rest of their lives, whether it be professionally or for recreation.  We are a non-competitive dance studio that focuses purely on performance art.  Below are a few of our priorities and goals for our studio:

Health & Wellness

Our top priority at Harbour Dance is the safety and well being of our dancers.  Dance is a fantastic form of exercise but if taught incorrectly by inexperienced instructors, it can lead to many serious, physical health problems.  Dancers are trained to look light and graceful on stage, but the reality is dancers often put tremendous amounts of stress and strain on their bodies to create such an illusion.  Even the tiniest torque of a knee can lead to lifelong, recurring knee and back pain or more serious injuries such as a torn ACL.  Only a trained eye in dance kinesiology can spot out such troubled areas in dancers and correct them before permanent damage is created.  With our new dancers, we will take training slow and ensure they have a solid foundation and correct form before trying more complicated dance steps.  For experienced dancers, we will work with them to help correct any poor habits that have developed and can often help reverse or alleviate damage that has already be done.  It is a misconception in the dance world that you cannot dance when you are older, most of the time a dancer’s career ends due to an injury.  It is more than possible to dance the entirety of one’s life as long as you are taught correct form from the beginning, which is our goal.

Poise, Grace, & Etiquette

Dance training will almost certainly transform the way one holds their body.  Dancers will be taught to hold their heads up high, a properly positioned spine and hips, to put the correct amount of weight on their feet, improve balance and coordination, and to carry themselves in a light and fluid manner.  We will also emphasize proper dance class and recital etiquette, appropriate dance attire, and respecting fellow dancers. 

Goal Setting, Hard Work, & Determination

All dancers, whether taking classes casually or formally, should have a goal that they hope to obtain.  Whether it be for fitness and good health or a future audition for a dance school, all dancers should have a goal that they are trying to reach.  We will encourage setting such goals for themselves and understanding that it will take hard work and determination to ultimately reach those goals.  As with anything in life, you have to work hard and push your limits to get to the top of the mountain.  We hope to inspire our dancers to feel this way about dance and everything they do in their lives and understand that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it and never stop fighting for it. 

Friendship & Team Building

We hope you find the studio to be a welcoming environment.  Dance is very much a team effort and it is important for dancers to learn how to work with multiple personalities in multiple dance settings.  We will encourage friendly competition while still respecting and supporting one another.  Like many things in life, without full cooperation of the team as a whole, an end result would never be reached.  When it comes to a group dance, every dancer is equally important.

Individuality & Creativity

Everyone is different and we appreciate that.  We have the daintiest ballerina and the super coolest hip hopper.  We want every dancer to find their own voice and follow their heart.  We would never want our dancers to look precisely the same at all times; they would never stand out that way.  Having perfected technique and good form does not mean looking like clones.  We love uniqueness and individual creativity.  In all of our classes, we take time to let dancers make up their own steps and often let them incorporate those steps in our class routines.  It makes them personal, it makes them their own.  Allowing dancers to think outside the box and create their own art is an incredible skill to have and can be connected to many other aspects of their life. 


Dance is fun!  It should not be overly strict or intense.  Sometimes we just need to stop our ballet class, throw on a crazy song, and just wiggle.  It is important to remember the most basic forms of dance, shaking your hips, waving your arms in the air, kicking your legs like you just don’t care.  Forget your pointed toes, forget the hair in a bun, forget the pink tights and the uncomfortable leotard, play a Michael Jackson dance song and just let yourself go.  Be free.  If you aren’t enjoying yourself dancing, we are doing something wrong.  Dance is one of the most satisfying activities there is and at the end of it all, it needs to be fun.