Tech Rehearsal & Spring Recital Day Info
Show # 1

Tech Rehearsal
Date: Friday, June 10th, 2016
Location: Clear Falls High School Auditorium

  • Please arrive 15-30 minutes early ahead of scheduled class time.  We are unable to wait for late dancers.

  • Upon arrival, please check-in with Ms. Kelsie by the stage and then find a seat in the auditorium.

  • There is a limit to 1 accompanying adult to enter the theater during the rehearsal.  Please have additional family members wait outside the auditorium.  During this rehearsal we are also programming lights and music and we need the auditorium to be very quiet and without distractions.

  • Tech rehearsal is mandatory.  This rehearsal is the only opportunity for each class to correct spacing and run their dances on the stage prior to the recital.

Recital Day
Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2016
Location: Clear Falls High School Auditorium
Seating Opens: 3:00PM
Show Starts: 3:30PM

  • Dancer Call Time: 3:00PM

    • All dancers need to arrive in costume and makeup by 3:00PM

      • Upon arrival, please check-in with Ms. Kelsie at the end of the backstage hallway to the right of the entrance.  She will then direct you to your dancer’s assigned dressing room.

    • Recital Show Sections:

      • The show is divided into 3 sections.

      • Dancer’s in section 1 – Dancers will be held backstage immediately after check-in.  After section 1 is complete, we will have a short 10 minute intermission at which point 1 parent may come backstage to pick-up their child and take them back into the auditorium to watch the remainder of the show.

      • Dancer’s in sections 2 and 3 – Dancers will check-in with Ms. Kelsie at call time and then they may go into the auditorium with their family to watch the first section.  During the intermission prior to their section, 1 parent is to escort them back to the check-in area so that they may be held backstage. 

    • Dancer Costume Changes – If you dancer has a costume change that you need to assist with, please wait until the 10 minute intermission before going backstage to assist them.