Recital Day Of Show Information & FAQS

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales at the door will be $20 each. We can accept cash, check, or credit card. Tickets will go on sale and the auditorium doors will open for seating at 5:00PM.

Dancer Drop Off Location & Check In

Upon entering Clear Falls High School, the dancer waiting area will be in the hallway directly to the right of the main entrance. There will be signs to help direct you.

  • Mrs. Trina will be at the beginning of the hallway to check dancers in.
  • Dancer check-in time starts as early as 5:00PM. Please have children in costume ready for their first dance at that time.
  • Please note that we will not actively be supervising any children left in the waiting hallway prior to 5:30PM.
  • All dancers must be checked in by 5:30PM at call time.

Frequently Asked Questions

My dancer is only in the preschool section of the show, can they sit in the audience for the rest of the show?

                Yes, we will have a brief 10 minute intermission to let all preschoolers back into the auditorium to watch the rest of the show.

My dancer is only dancing in the 1st half but not in the 2nd half, can they come into the auditorium after their dance to watch the rest of the show?

                Any dancer not dancing in the 2nd half can enter the auditorium during our main intermission to watch the 2nd half the show. All dancers are to remain in the waiting area until the intermission break to prevent disrupting the other dancers.

My dancer is only in the 2nd half of the show, can they sit in the audience for the 1st half?

                All dancer’s must be checked in with Mrs. Trina at 5:30PM. If they are not dancing until the 2nd half of the show, after check-in, they may go into the auditorium and watch the Preschool Section & 1st half. These dancers are to report to the waiting area during our main intermission after the hip hop dances.



                There will be a brief pause to let all dancers sitting in the audience to come backstage to line up for the finale dance and final bows. Dancers are to exit the side door to the right of the stage. --->


Makeup & Hair Info

The two dressing rooms are only to be used by dancers in multiple dances that have costume changes. If your dancer is only in one dance, hair and makeup must be completed prior to arrival.

                Makeup – All dancers are to wear heavy but natural makeup. Stage lights are very harsh on the skin and do fade faces out without makeup. Please apply appropriate makeup to your dancer prior to check-in.

                Hair – Please have assigned hair ready to go upon arrival. Hair needs to be slicked back with no fly away's. Bangs are allowed if neatly styled. If hair is too short for assigned style, please slick back and pin away from face.


Leaving Recital Early

Please wait until an intermission break to exit the auditorium.


No Photography or Video

                There is no photography or video of any kind allowed in the theater during the show. Standing up, flashes, back lights, etc are very visible and are a distraction to the dancers on stage as well as other audience members. Our utmost concern is for the safety of the dancers.  We do have a professional videographer recording our show.


DVD Sales

                We will be selling DVDs of the show at our final rehearsal and on recital night. Please purchase your DVD early as DVDs sales will be short on recital night. Check or cash preferred. Please make checks payable to “Motion Video Productions”. Credit card DVD purchases on recital night will incur a +$2 fee.


Dancer Pick-Up After Show

After finale and bows, dancers will be ready for pick-up from the waiting area. We will not release dancers into the main lobby without a parent.