Spring Recital 2016

Ticket Sales

4 Complimentary Tickets - All families receive 4 comp tickets to their recital show as a part of their annual recital fee.

Additional Ticket Sales - Additional recital tickets will go on sale May 1st, 2016.  Tickets are $15 presale, $20 at the door.

Children in both shows?  For families with children in both shows, you will only need to worry about tickets once.  You will receive 4 comp tickets for both shows and we will not charged double for the additional tickets purchased.

DVD Sales

Motion Video Productions is an independent videographer the studio invites to professional film our show each year.  DVDs are priced at $45 and Blu-Rays $50.  Checks or cash preferred.  Credit card purchases will include a 3% processing fee.  Please makes check payable to Motion Video Productions.  DVDs and Blu-Rays are normally ready for pick up at the studio by the end of the summer.  Please expect between 4-8 weeks for production and editing to be completed.  DVDs and Blu-Rays will not be mailed. 

Photography and personal video taping is not allowed during the show.  It poses safety issues for the dancers on the stage and is a distraction.

Recital T-Shirt Distribution

Recital tees will be distributed to the dancers sometime in May once they arrive.

Show #1
Dancer Call Time: 3:00PM
Company Call Time: 2:30PM
Seating Opens: 3:00PM
Show Time: 3:30PM

  • Monday, Ballet I, 3:45PM "Fly With Me"

  • Monday, Jazz I, 4:30PM "Our Lips Are Sealed"

  • Monday, Preschool, 4:45PM "Hakuna Matata"

  • Monday, Preschool, 5:30PM "Journey To The Past"

  • Tuesday, Preschool, 10:00AM "Cinderella's Song"

  • Tuesday, Preschool, 11:00AM "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

  • Tuesday, Combo, 4:00PM "Accidentally In Love"

  • Wednesday, Preschool, 3:45PM "Goody Goody Gumdrops"

  • Wednesday, Preschool, 4:30PM "Ever Ever After"

  • Wednesday, Ballet I, 4:30PM "Colors Of The Wind"

  • Wednesday, Hip Hop, 5:30PM "Shake It Up"

  • Friday, Hip Hop, 4:00PM "Shining Star"

  • Saturday, Preschool, 9:00AM "A Whole New World"

  • Saturday, Preschool, 10:00AM "A La Nanita Nana"

  • Junior Company Dances

    • Our Lips Are Sealed

    • Colors Of The Wind

    • Gift Of A Friend Lyrical

    • Cheshire Cat Dance

  • Senior Company Dances

    • Wonderland Opener

    • Ballet

Show #2 - Wonderland Show
All Dancers Call Time: 5:00PM
Mandatory Warm Up: 5:30PM on Stage
Seating Opens: 6:00PM
Show Time: 6:30PM

  • Tuesday, Jazz, 5:00PM "Fell Down A Hole"

  • Wednesday, Modern, 6:30PM "Her Name Is Alice"

  • Wednesday, Hip Hop, 7:30PM "Mix"

  • Thursday, Ballet, 5:00PM "Forest Path/Enchanted Forest"

  • Junior Company Dances

    • Gift Of A Friend Lyrical

    • Cheshire Cat Dance

    • Finale

  • Senior Company Dances

    • Wonderland Opener

    • Ballet

    • White Rabbit

    • Queen of Hearts

    • Finale