Final Tech/Dress Rehearsal Information & FAQ’s

Tech/Dress Rehearsal Schedule & Procedure

Friday, June 12th is our final rehearsal before the show. This rehearsal serves primarily to prepare dancer spacing on the stage and to adjust lighting.

It’s a dress rehearsal, why do some dancers not need to wear their costumes?

This rehearsal serves primarily so we can adjust lights for the dance and to adjust the dancers spacing on the stage. Up until now, the dancers have been practicing in rooms quite smaller than the stage and they will need to practice being spread out.


Dancers Who Not Required to Wear Their Costume: Not all dances have complicated movements that would cause a costume problem during the show. To eliminate possibly damaging a costume the day before the show, not all dances are required to wear their costume. As always, if you feel your dancer would like to practice in it beforehand, they are welcome to wear it to rehearsal anyway. For dancers not wearing their costume, please come dressed in normal dance attire.

Dancers Who Are Required to Wear Their Costume: It is an absolutely necessary that dancers wear costume if required. These dances have very specific movements that are affected by the costume and dancers need the opportunity to practice in them.

ALL DANCERS - Wear Appropriate Shoes: All dancers need to wear appropriate shoes for each dance. The auditorium floor is a wood floor vs our dance marley vinyl floor in the studio. The dancers need to practice the feeling difference prior to the show.

Dancer Check-In On Rehearsal Night

Please arrive 15 minutes early before your assigned rehearsal time. Dancers and parents are to go right into the theater and check-in with Mrs. Trina who will be at the front of the stage.

Dancer Check-In For Older Dancers Being Dropped Off:
Dancers ages 8+ may be dropped off for the evening. Parents must still escort each child into the auditorium for check-in and must come back inside to pick them back up from the auditorium. This is for the safety of each dancer. There will be no adult supervising the exit from the school into the parking lot and thus all parents must come inside to pick up their child. Be prepared to pick up all dancers by 8:30PM in the event we finish rehearsal early.

Finale Dance Run Through and Bow Practice

Dance Practice: We will be running our finale dance early from 6:00-6:20PM.

Bow Practice: Dancers of every age are welcome to join us for our final bows at the very end of the show. It is REQUIRED to stay and practice the bows during this time if you intend on bowing on show night. We will finalize the order of the bows Friday night and we will not be allowing any additional dancers to join us for bows the night of the show.


CLASS TIME SLOTS, Arrive 15 Minutes Early

Costume & Shoe requirements are next to each class. No makeup is needed for this rehearsal and hair just needs to be pulled back away from face.

5:00PM - Tuesday, Preschool, 11:00AM, Topsy Turvy Flower (Ballet Slippers)
5:10PM – Thursday, Preschool, 5:30PM, Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Ballet Slippers)
5:20PM – Tuesday, Preschool, 10:00AM, I Feel Pretty (Ballet Slippers)
5:30PM – Wednesday, Preschool, 4:30PM, Here Comes The Sun (Ballet Slippers)
5:40PM – Wednesday, Preschool, 3:45PM, My Girl (Ballet Slippers)
5:50PM – Monday, Tap, 4:30PM, Itty Bitty Pretty One (Tap Shoes)
6:20PM – Thursday, Ballet II, 5:00PM, Chopin (Costume & Ballet Slippers)
6:30PM – Tuesday, Combo I, 4:00PM, Uptown Girl (Tan Jazz Shoes)
6:40pm – Thursday, Combo I, 4:00PM, The Twist (Costume & Tan Jazz Shoes)
6:50PM – Mon/Thurs, Ballet III, 6:30/6:00PM, Mozart (Costume & Ballet Slippers)
7:00PM – Wednesday, Int. Hip Hop, 5:30PM, Mix (Black Sneakers)
7:10PM – Wednesday, Beg. Hip Hop, 5:30PM, Underdog (Gold Sequin Sneakers)**
7:20PM – Wednesday, Adv. Hip Hop, 6:30PM, Mix (Costume & Combat Boots)**
7:30PM – Monday, Combo II, 5:30PM, Sparkling Diamonds (Costume & Tan Jazz Shoes)
7:40PM – Tuesday, Adv. Jazz, 6:00PM, La La La (Costume & Paws)
7:50PM – Tuesday, Int. Jazz, 5:00PM, Waka Waka (Costume & Paws)
8:00PM – Jr. Company Lyrical, Part Of Your World (Costume & Ballet Slippers)
8:10PM – Sn. Company Lyrical, In Better Hands (Costume & Paws)
8:20PM – Dom’s Solo
8:30PM – Tuesday, Modern, 7:00PM, Smashing Pumpkins (Costume & Barefoot)